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Thomas-Walters, L., Hinsley, A., Bergin, D., Doughty, H., Eppel, S., MacFarlane, D., … Veríssimo, D. (2019, October 26). Motivations for the use and consumption of wildlife products. Under Review for Conservation Biology

MacFarlane, D., Hurlstone, M. J., & Ecker, U. K. H. Countering demand for ineffective health remedies: Do consumers respond more to—A lack of benefits, the potential for harm, or both? In preparation.

In Preparation

MacFarlane, D., et al.,  Lessons to reduce demand for illegal wildlife products: An overview of systematic reviews on reducing harmful consumer demand. In preparation.


Hinsley A., MacFarlane D., Challender, D., Fabinyi, M.; Haenlein, C., ...Sutherland, W. Mapping illegal wildlife supply chains to better target interventions. In preparation.

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I also use the Twitter moniker "Traffic Science" to communicate research that applies a scientific approach to understanding, and thus combatting, the illegal wildlife trade.


“Unfortunately, social scientists have lacked a single, cohesive, theoretical framework that we can consult when attempting to design new interventions to stop the spread of misinformation and alternative health behaviours. Until now, that is.”


—  Asst. Prof Matt Motta 

in press for Social Science & Medicine

about our innovative behaviour change framework.

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PhD Candidate, Ecker Memory & Cognition Lab, University of Western Australia

PhD Candidate, The Behavioural Economics Laboratory, University of Western Australia

Visiting Researcher, University of Cambridge


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