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MacFarlane, D & Rocha, R., (2020) Guidelines for communicating about bats to prevent persecution in the time of COVID- 19. In press for Biological Conservation 

MacFarlane, D., Hurlstone, M.J., & Ecker, U.K.H. (2020) Countering demand for ineffective health remedies: Do consumers respond more to—A lack of benefits, the potential for harm, or both? In press for Psychology & Health.


MacFarlane, D., Hurlstone, M.J., & Ecker, U.K.H. (2020) Protecting consumers from fraudulent health claims: A taxonomy of psychological drivers, interventions, barriers, and treatments. Social Science & Medicine, 112790     


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MacFarlane, D., “The Slave Trade and the Right of Visit under the Law of the Sea Convention: Exploitation in the Fishing Industry in New Zealand and Thailand” (2015) Asian Journal of International Law, 7, 94–123.

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Hinsley A., MacFarlane D., Challender, D., Fabinyi, M.; Haenlein, C., ...Sutherland, W. Mapping illegal wildlife supply chains to better target interventions. In preparation.

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